article marketing for squeeze pages 5 tips to add more people to your email marketing list

Here’s the truth; no matter how much traffic you drive to your website, you’ll still struggle in making sales if you can’t get your visitors to sign up to your email marketing list. Without their contact information, there’s no way that you can make follow-ups.
There are so many ways to get people to sign up. One of them is through article marketing. Before your prospects will entrust their contact information to you, they need to know that you’re not a spammer and that you can give them what they want - quality useful information.
Below are the tips to add more people to your email marketing list:

First step is to capture the attention of your potential buyers. Start by thinking of those topics that will grab your target market by the throat. Put yourself in their shoes and determine exactly what they want. My suggestion to go to forums that they usually visit. Read their conversations and I am pretty sure that you’ll get an idea about the type of topics that they find interesting. For best results, ensure that your chosen topics are related to your products or to the niche that you’re targeting. Also, ensure that your titles are catchy so you’ll be able to get your prospects to open your articles.
Earn the trust of your readers. As I said a while ago, your potential buyers will not subscribe to your list unless they like and trust you. So, show them what you’ve got to offer. Load up your articles with expert information that will wow them. I suggest that you share with them a slice of your expertise and offer them tips and techniques that they can make use of. Your goal here is to convince them that you’re a great source of valuable, high quality information.